Who are Angels?

I started to believe in Angels ever since I started having encounters with them a few years ago. Now I work with them consistently to guide me in my life purpose and guide my clients. I predominantly work with Archangel Michael, who is the powerful Angel that helps us cut through our fears and step into our life purpose. 

Angels are beings of light that are constantly trying to connect with us to give us messages to help us towards our life purpose, soul’s growth, and true happiness.

They are not connected with any specific religion because they are non-denominational beings. Anyone can connect with them, if you so choose! 

Initially when I first heard about Angels and people connecting to them I dismissed it completely and declared that I was Hindu and didn’t believe in this stuff. Even though I have never really been that religious for some reason I used it as an excuse that day, it still makes me laugh till now, lol! 

One day when I heard Doreen Virtue (known as the Angel Lady) speak at a conference in NY called I Can Do It (led by Hay House Publishers) I became intrigued by everything she said. Something about it felt light and I left this conference with a warm fuzzy about the idea of Angels. Her Angel meditations made me feel good and I felt more connected with myself. 

I then became open to the idea out of curiosity. It originally started from an experience I had in my apartment where I smelled a pretty floral scent.

At that moment I recalled from the conference that Doreen said that one way Angels make their presence known is through a pleasant scent.

Now believe me I logically evaluated the situation first:

1. I was alone in the apartment so it couldn’t have been my roommate

2. I hadn’t showered yet so I damn well hadn’t sprayed anything or rubbed myself down with some scented body lotion.

Hmm then where can that scent be coming from? Is it Angels I asked myself? Is that you? Angels??? Hellooo?? Anybody there? 

I immediately felt a warm blanket of love surrounding me, at the time I didn’t know that is how they say hello too but I kind of shrugged it off and went on with my day. 

Shortly after on a different day I was sitting on that SAME couch in the SAME spot from the last encounter and I got a pop-up come up on my iPhone which said “Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Angel Cards on sale for $6.99.” (This is how the Angels communicate with us by the way… always leading us to our next step, sometimes in super random ways!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.21.35 AMFirst of all, I was like where the freak is this pop-up message coming from, this was when iPhone notifications were very new but it was crazy because it was a VERY specific notification. It could have been ANYTHING else, but it was DOREEN VIRTUE and it was LIFE PURPOSE Angel Cards. And at that time I was definitely seeking clarity for my life purpose. 

So I went for it. I figured $6.99 won’t break the bank, and hell yeah I want to know my Life Purpose, let’s give it a shot!

So that is what led me to buying Angel Cards and doing my first reading which spooked me out (in a good way!) and made me fall off my chair. The Angel Cards said the exact three things I was already contemplating doing for the past year or so. It was as if the reading gave me the confirmation I was looking for. My life purpose reading came up with three cards which were: Public Speaker, Counselor, and Author.

  1. (Author) I had JUST started my blog ilivewithjoy.com at the time 4 months prior. A year prior to that I felt this strong calling to write a book, I even had an outline ready! 
  2. (Public Speaker) I also felt that maybe I would do public inspirational speaking based on the stuff I wrote about and read about. People used to tell me I had a presence when I spoke so I thought, hmm there must be a reason for that!
  3. (Counselor) I was already counseling a majority of my friends through the stuff I was reading from my self-help books and I considered pursuing some sort of Life Coaching Certification.

All of these three things had come to my mind in the past year but I still had a lot of doubt around it. How the freak did these cards pick these EXACT 3 things out? (Out of a deck of 44 cards)


^^My friend gifted me these statues on my birthday this year!

And that is how my connection with the Angels started. I started to communicate with them more and ask them to help guide me with different decisions I had to make. Sometimes I didn’t want to hear what they had to tell me because what they told me put me out of my comfort zone even though I knew it was the best thing for me. Other times I was delighted with their responses. Either way, I soon found out they are always right. 

Whenever I tried to go against their advice things would totally go haywire on me or they would stay stuck and not move at all. 

To clear out the obvious question: There is nothing creepy or spooky about it except what we decide to think or react to it. Angels are the most most most loving beings ever. When you connect to them you will feel nothing but love surrounding you like being held in God’s arms. Yes there are ways to protect yourself when connecting to this higher vibration and I can teach you how to do that! 

I’ve used the Angels to help me with all things big and small, there is nothing too small to ask them. I even ask them to help me find a good parking spot and believe me it works! Try for yourself! They even guide me in my business in which direction I should go in based on what they feel that the public needs or what I need to teach.

I consider it free advice, I figure no harm in getting some advice for free! And not only is it free advice, it is REAL advice coming from the true source of the divine who knows why we are on Earth in the first place. Who better to ask what to do and where to go than the divine source themselves?!

And if you think this is totally wacky and weird, that is totally fine! I only feel compelled to share because it changed my life so much in a positive way. It would be selfish for me to not share this gem that has helped me. 

And please feel free to interchange Angels with God, Universe, Energy, or anything else you please. It all works in the same way, Angels are who connected with me easiest as they are so eager to talk to us and help us. 

I will soon add a video here to talk more about my experiences so check back in a few weeks! 

And eventually I was led to get trained by Doreen Virtue herself first as an Angel Card Reader and then a few years later I went to her Angel Intuitive/Angel Therapy Practitioner training in Hawaii where I met more Angel people! It was a life changing and blessed experience and allowed me to get more confidence to spread the Angel messages on to anyone who felt connected to it! See pictures below from the trainings!

Interested in getting a reading? Email me at aditi [at] amplifywithaditi.com 

Angel Card Reading Training in NYC

My picture with Doreen Virtue herself, her husband Michael, and her co-teacher Radleigh Valentine.



















My picture with my idols who I ran into at the training!  Best selling authors: Gabby Bernstein (left) & Kris Carr (right)



Angel Intuitive/Angel Therapy Practitioner Training in Hawaii 

My fancy pass to get in and the beautiful view from my room! 

AngelIntuitiveBadge view


My reading with Robert Reeves, another Angel Intuitive who is known for his Flower Therapy that he teaches and he co-wrote a book called Angel Detox with Doreen Virtue

RobertReevesReading RobertReeves


Doreen on stage with her husband Michael and Radleigh Valentine giving readings to the participants.

doreenonstage RadleighValentine


A cute pic I caught of Doreen Virtue, her husband Michael, and her little dog!! They had such a presence everywhere they walked. very powerful loving Angelic energy around them.



My favorite thing about all of this is that everyone doing this work is simply following their own happiness while following this strong calling to help others be happy too. Whenever working with the Angels I feel that I am floating on a cloud. It gives me joy to share this side of me with you as for a long time I was hiding it afraid of what people would think. But considering how many people have been helped by my Angel Readings, Coaching, and Guidance I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore! And plus the Angels wouldn’t let me hide too much longer either.. :)

And wink, wink, it is also part of my life purpose to help people get out of hiding! So of course I had to do it myself in multiple ways not just this. Even just having a website up and blogging about personal experiences was a huge thing I had to overcome. It has been a couple years since I’ve gotten into this space and I want to help you get out there too. 

I feel passionate to help people who feel they are meant to do more, be more, have more. If you feel you are here on Earth for a purpose and ready to start getting your mission out there I want to help! I hope to help you to stop hiding from whatever it is you feel your purpose or calling is on Earth too. (You may think you just don’t have time, I used to say that too… ps. it’s a form of hiding) Happiness does require some risk taking and some bold decision making. Are you tired of the same old and ready to break out into the life you know you deserve? If you are ready to Amplify Your Life be sure to put your name and email in the bar at the top of this page to get tips on how! 



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