Stop letting assholes rule your life



I’m serious.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about important decisions in your life being influenced by opinions of assholes.

Assholes are people who don’t want you to grow.

Assholes are people who think they know what will make you happy.

Assholes are people that want you to stay small.

Assholes are people who tell you how you should live your life.

Assholes are people that tell you you’re wrong.

Assholes are people that tell you to stop dreaming so big.

Assholes are people that tell you that you’re not good enough.

Assholes are people that tell you that you’re not smart enough.

This comes from a very personal place because I’ve become sick and tired of my own decisions being influenced by people who have told me such things or believe such things.

I’ve let these people dictate how I make decisions in my life over listening to my own gut and intuitive feelings. This has only led me down paths of unhappiness and a less than stellar life. Now that I’ve come to that awareness (learning it the hard way), things have started to change for the better.

I’ve now come to understand that:

Other people’s lives, opinions, and experiences have nothing to do with YOUR life, opinions, and experiences.

We are all different souls with different purposes and life paths. We aren’t meant to all walk the same path. Because that would make us… well, robots.

In our society we have been grown up to live in fear and logic rather than intuition and faith. I no longer want to see you living a less than superb life because of what someone else influenced on to you. It’s time to start connecting with who YOU really are and what YOU really want.

Surround yourself with people who want you to DO YOU. Surround yourself with people who won’t be bothered by your decisions but instead thrilled to see you happy doing what you want.

I’ve been fortunate to meet like minded people who have become tired of being burdened by everyone else’s opinions about their life too. They have started standing up and standing out for what they believe in and who they are, even if it’s unpopular.

It hasn’t been an easy journey to say the least, but boy have I started to feel mutha-fuckin free! :) Isn’t that what we all want to feel at the end of the day?

I know I do.

In fact I found out recently that one of the meanings of my name, Aditi, means limitless, boundless, and freedom. It’s like God had secretly hidden the answer to my happiness in my name all along. It’s no surprise it’s what I’ve been seeking all my life without even realizing it.

So friend, my wish for you is to go claim your life. Go claim your freedom. Go claim your badass self.

I love you so much.

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