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If you feel a whisper to make a bigger impact, follow that calling. 

You feel that calling because there is a group of people who are waiting to receive what you offer. Following that calling will improve someone’s life, save someone’s life, change someone’s life, including yours. 

Whatever your magic is, coaching/healing/music/art/styling/making something, etc, there are people who are waiting to give you their money for your magic to touch their lives. 

Maybe you’re a writer and and want to write a book to share your message.  

Maybe you’re a kick ass organizer and help people organize their closets.

Maybe you make a super cool organic hair product from your home and want to share it with people who have the same hair as you. But then those fears might be creepin in… 

Who would read my stuff?… 

Who am I to do this?… 

Why would someone need this?…

I’m sure other people can do it better than me… 

There’s already so many people doing it, why should I? 

Here’s why it doesn’t matter if others are offering something similar: Only you can create and deliver your product/service in the way that you do and that group of people waiting for it, will only be able to receive it from you because they are meant to.  

For example, Byron Katie may be teaching the exact same message as Louise Hay, but it only clicked for me when I heard it from Louise Hay. Different factors can influence it including soul contracts, being at right place at the right time, and being ready to receive it. 

With every gift that has been given to people, there is a group of people who are meant to receive that magic from them and them only. Every doctor has their own following, every singer has their own following, every healer has their own following, etc. 

Every gift has an audience. So does yours. 

So where do you start you ask?

I have what you need to get you clarity and get you out there. 

Literally get you out there.

Let’s get on the phone and see how we can market your magic to expand your reach and make that impact you desire. 

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