Angel Marketing Club

Let’s amplify your marketing!

What: A free marketing club for angel entrepreneurs who want training and tools to expand their brand’s reach and grow their business. Angel entrepreneurs are people who want to make the world and their lives a better place through entrepreneurship.

Why: I created this club because I realized there is a group of people who want to up level their marketing efforts but don’t have any clear direction on where to start. In this group I, Aditi will teach exclusive marketing classes monthly for the group, answer business questions live, and give access to resources to improve your marketing efforts. 


This is for you if you:

  • Use intuition to guide and grow your business efforts
  • Are interested in learning marketing tools to grow your business
  • Want some guidance on which direction to in with marketing efforts
  • Are looking for a group where you can motivate and inspire each other in business
  • Looking for online business besties who are into spirituality like you 
  • Safe space to share ups and downs of the entrepreneur journey


Testimonials – What is it like to work with Aditi? 

“Aditi is seriously amazing. She knows what she is doing, really gifted with marketing and words. Aditi is not cookie cutter, she is all about finding YOUR message.” – Tanuja Paruchuri, Clean Living Expert

“ADITI you have a true gift of helping your students gently unfold “authentically”.. I feel even more confident and excited.” – Chakra Wanda, Spiritual Encourager

“Aditi it was amazing for me to watch you effortlessly take my journey through life, my story for why I do what I do, and condense it into three very meaningful sentence that make an authentic statement for me.” – Elizabeth Sampson, Medical Intuitive

“Aditi is definitely MY marketing specialist. She can help you express your gifts to the world because she’s expressing hers. If anyone asks me who to turn to, I’ll tell them, “Hire Aditi!” – John Catlin, Spiritual Mentor ​​​​​​​



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