Who is Aditi?

Imagine waking up when you want, making a real impact, and getting a #payday from doing what you really love. Does the sound of that make you jump for joy

That’s what I help passionate entrepreneurs create. 


You have magic inside you. Magic that helps people, inspires people, heals people. You know you could increase your impact and reach if more people just knew about you.

That’s where I come in as your Marketing Strategist. 

My name is Aditi and I’m here to teach you how to market your magic so you can get seen and get paid asap. 

I work with women who have a deep inner knowing that they are meant to do big things, they crave freedom, and desire to make a big impact. Is that you? Keep reading.

Part of what’s stopping you is thinking, “who am I do to this? I am no expert, I don’t know how to write, speak, teach, heal or perform like THEY do!”

But my darling, you do. You have your own gift and the world is waiting for it so they can reap the benefits of what only you can offer them. Only your words, your art, and your actions will resonate with them. 

I get it though. You have this desire to do great things but then you wonder what will other people think? You may be afraid of getting judged, ridiculed, made fun of. You may be afraid of being seen. Afraid of standing out, and being different. But my question to you is what if THAT is exactly what needed to happen in order for you to make your mark in the world? 

Let’s be real darling, you sitting in the corner of your room, keeping that book outline, that course idea, that unwritten song lyric in your head is not serving anyone. It’s not serving the people its meant to help, heal, inspire, or make smile, and it’s definitely not serving you! 

I want you to envision bigger for yourself. No more playing small. I want you to see what is really possible for you which is why I am offering you a Free Mini Amplify Session.

This is my contribution to the world to help you find out 1 thing that’s stopping you from being your shiniest, brightest, and most beautiful self.

This is also a perfect opportunity to see if you could benefit from coaching. We will hop on a call and get crackin on your business and calling. Together. After we discover your block we can discuss how I can support you further on your journey!

Even if you think you are too busy, this 45 minute call could be life changing for you. 

Did I say life changing? I sure did. 

What are the benefits of getting a Mini Amplify Session?

Clarity * Confidence * Course of Action * Peace of Mind * Insights * And more! 

A short conversation with me could change everything about how you see yourself and how you see the world. It will give you just the right nudge you need to take the next step towards where you want to be in your life and business.

It doesn’t cost you anything and you will get a clearer understanding of what is keeping you where you are instead of moving you forward. 

My offer to you is if you jump on this mini session, I can help you uncover 1 block that has been keeping you just inches from your desired life. Don’t keep yourself waiting any longer! Sign up now! 


My creds to help you thrive in your business + get your #payday:

1) 13 years in marketing. I’ve worked with government and educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private sector companies in communications, marketing, social media, and more. 

2) 2 degrees in marketing. Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing from George Washington University and a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University

3) 6 years at a top 4 consulting firm. I worked in consulting for 6 years doing project management, change management, process improvement, marketing and communications, and more! 

4) Certified Life Coach. I got my training and certification from The Life Coach School. Best investment I ever made for myself and for my clients! 

5. Certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader. I got trained under Doreen Virtue, PhD., to learn how to deepen my connection with the Angels and my inner guidance and help others do the same. 

More about me:

1) I’m a self-help junkie. I love Hay House authors like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Gabby Bernstein, and more! 

2) I’m a feeler. I feel energies and emotions strongly, it’s a gift I use to navigate through life, situations, and places. 

3) I work with Angels. They guide me through my intuition, giving me signs, or straight up talking to me. They guide me in my life, in my business, and with my clients! Learn more about the Angels here. 

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