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I’m Aditi, your Marketing Strategist and Confidence Coach and I’m so glad you’re here! 

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It’s time for you to fully step into your light and your purpose. 

You feel deep inside that you are meant to do something bigger and you are right. You landing on this page is NOT by chance, the Universe brought you here on purpose.

Your light heals others which is why you must step into it now! I use a beautiful combo of life coaching, angelic communication, and marketing strategies to get you feeling wildly comfortable in your skin, unblock your limiting beliefs about success and the spotlight, and proudly speak about yourself so you can do the things you so deeply desire.

You deserve to have an amazing life while doing those things that light you up! Yes it is possible [for you too]. 

In this Amplify community you will be delighted to find:

  • Inspiring and useful jewels [my version of tools] to get more clarity and confidence in your life and business 
  • Marketing tips to get your brand out there and visible to the ideal clients you want to work with
  • Entertaining stories that will make you laugh, cry, and grow 
  • Products and services that:
    • Teach you how to market your gift confidently and turn your value into dollars 
    • Will help you process, release [what is no longer serving you], and thrive
    • Get clear on your brand, grow your visibility, and get the clients you adore!

If you are an Angel Entrepreneur wanting marketing for your business you MUST join my absolutely free marketing group if you want to get your brand seen. In that group I teach free classes and do social media challenges to get yourself visible and get clients! You can join that group here:

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